With Trumpet Mafia

From its organic beginnings in the summer of 2013 as a group of New Orleans trumpeters getting together at Ashlin’s apartment and courtyard to share practice techniques and support each other’s continued growth, the Trumpet Mafia has become a band of uncommon creative excellence and unexpected arrangements that mix traditional jazz and hip hop styles.

Stephen Maloney of Offbeat Magazine overheard some of the outdoor practice sessions in Ashlin’s courtyard and began writing about them as well as recording some of those sessions that began turning into rehearsals.  His article, “Trumpet Mafia Takes Over,” traces their early and ongoing development. 

 Tulane University hosted the first public appearance of the Trumpet Mafia in the Fall of 2014, which was soon followed by a live radio broadcast performance for New Orleans’ jazz station WWOZ during their fundraising campaign. To view an uncut, unedited, and often tongue-in-cheek video of this studio performance, go to UStream 

After well-received gigs at Snug Harbor and Irvin Mayfield’s Jazz Playhouse, the Trumpet Mafia “took over” Jazz Fest in 2015.  Offbeat Magazine contained an excellent review that celebrated the band’s festival debut.  The writer noted that “At the end of the set, the entire crowd jumped to its feet for a sustained standing ovation. It was a magnificent coming out party for an immensely talented band.”  WWOZ broadcast the performance, and Jazz Fest made a live recording available.  You may sample or purchase that live recording by searching for Trumpet Mafia at MunckMusic.